The learning transformation

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As a globally active and innovative specialty chemical company headquartered in Switzerland, Sika relies on constant corporate learning and knowledge transfer. As a full-service e-learning agency Canudo successfully aids Sika in upgrading and expanding their e-learning portfolio and in taking on a modern and forward-looking direction for corporate learning – be it by consulting on innovative learning solutions and communication strategies or the design and realization of a variety of skills-oriented e-learning formats.

In 2021 their goal was to …

… redesign the existing instructor-led training into a blended learning program.
… use a new approach in order to offer the learner a more flexible, modern and dynamic program.

They started with …

… 7 modules, that are taught locally in countless countries.
… a target group of new and existing sales professionals.
… training sessions thar are mostly taught by external faciliators.

They aimed at …

… connecting the digital and offline part in a way that it generates a value for the learners and instructors.
… a solution that is easily implemented into the Sika learning landscape.
… a program that is widely translated.

For more see reference flyer or listen to Dean Cannarozzi (Head Sika Business School) in his video statement: