Global e-learning at Sika

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As a globally active and innovative specialty chemical company headquartered in Switzerland, Sika relies on constant corporate learning and knowledge transfer. As a full-service e-learning agency Canudo successfully aids Sika in upgrading and expanding their e-learning portfolio and in taking on a modern and forward-looking direction for corporate learning – be it by consulting on innovative learning solutions and communication strategies or the design and realization of a variety of skills-oriented e-learning formats.

Consulting: Holistic Strategy
In its efforts to define a global and long-term strategy for in-house training, Sika banks on Canudo’s solid experience and expertise in the fields of e-didactics and intra-corporate communication. Not only does consulting include assistance and advice on defining expedient strategic objectives and establishing a sensible composition of communicational and educational measures, but also on selecting, applying and combining appropriate software solutions. As a result, Sika effectively merged online learning management with enterprise collaboration tools to not only promote professional education in their company but also to equally distribute and share in-house know-how all over the globe.

E-learning: Enabling People with Knowledge
In close collaboration with subject-matter experts from different areas of expertise at Sika, Canudo has been realizing a variety of different hands-on interactive e-learning formats. Ranging from captivating product and sales trainings to sophisticated courses on more abstract subjects such as distribution, key account management or pricing, Canudo tailors custom-made e-learning solutions to address the specific needs of Sika and their diverse learning groups. In these courses, illustrative visualizations, videos and animations are only the tip of the didactical iceberg. According to their motto „enabling people with knowledge“ and in line with constructivist learning theories, Canudo includes practice-oriented interactions that motivate and challenge the learner and involve him in the process of knowledge transfer.

Communication: Sharing Excitement
When it comes to promoting innovative products and technologies, one of the best ways is to let the audience infect itself by the enthusiasm of a person involved. This is exactly how Canudo approached the production of Sika’s interview video about the ComfortFloor® flooring system. To realize the short video for Sika’s YouTube Channel, Luc Leforestier, Sika’s Head of Application Field Flooring, gave a visit to Canudo’s recording studio. Canudo captured the passion and ardor that came to life when Luc Leforestier started talking about Sika’s flooring technology and transferred it into an informative and enthralling video format.